Introducing our newest addition to our range of cleaning kit and accessories - our GLOCK®️ Gen5 magnetic Cleaning & Maintenance Mats - exclusive to MAGBANDUK

Made from a non-absorbing neoprene design - offering a soft, cushioned working area to protect your expensive gear during maintenance and cleaning, but also does not soak up dirt, liquids or oils which could otherwise damage any surface under the mat

The magnetic board on right side of the mat is great for placing disassembled component parts, with the magnetic capabilities stoping these metal parts from rolling around - keeping your working area clean, tidy and useable

Designed with the detailed exploded diagram of the GLOCK 17 Gen5 makes disassembly easy, giving confidence to even the newest of shooters to safely disassemble and re-assemble the firearm with ease and confidence

Measuring approx 20" x 12" with a thickness of 3mm, the mat is large enough to accommodate a range of kit and accessories during maintenance and makes a great addition to any armoury or firearm/weapons cleaning area

Also comes with a handy travel bag for cleaning on the move

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